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Tips To Encourage Online Visitors To Explore Content

November 27th, 2014

Online marketers have discovered that most people who land on their webpages do not often bother to scroll down. This means that the bulk of online content that is published is not even read through to the end. People set up websites in hopes that online visitors will not just explore the varying pages, but also go through the content posted within. A failure to do this means that the message they are attempting to communicate is not being received.

People have less of an attention span now than they ever did before because there are just so many other distractions around them. From beeping smartphones to incoming emails, they tend to skim the least amount of content. To help ensure that your visitors absorb more of what you are trying to communicate, there are a few strategies you can adopt.

  • Mix It Up

While articles are the easiest kind of content to create and tailor for SEO, it can help keep online visitors longer on your webpages if you offer more than just the written word. Consider inserting some more images, video and infographic content. This tends to capture more attention from flighty online visitors and encourage more engagement with the content.

Visitors To Explore Content

  • Jazz Up Your Titles

In as much as you may be sharing very useful information, you need to start off by securing the interest of your reader. Avoid bland tittles to your content. Try to make the content sound intriguing to try to impress as well with your opening paragraph.

  • Link Up With Niche Celebrities

Every business and every niche has renowned experts or other influential opinion makers. Reaching out to these people can be a big help in encouraging readers to want to read more. You can collaborate with them on content and feature their name prominently at the top of the page, or even interview them for a piece. Their brand recognition will work well in your favor.


  • Know Your Audience

A common mistake some marketers make is in not properly understanding the interests of the demographic they are targeting. Visit the websites of your fiercest competitors and industry leaders. See the kind of content that attracts the most interaction with readers and formulate your own along the same lines. There is no shame in imitation, just duplication.

  • Eliminate Clutter

When you clutter up webpages with advertising and other irrelevant links, you cause part of the distraction and discourage visitors from wanting to see more. Keep your webpages tidy and simple so that the content is the focus.

Some people think that a good solution to these problems would be to crate shorter content that visitors can get though quickly. In reality it is very hard to create any meaningful and informative content that is just a couple of hundreds of words. The more words you use, the more depth there is to your content. There is also the problem of search engines giving better ranking to sites that have more words per page. This means that even if you managed the feat of creating relevant shortly worded content, you may end up sacrificing your ranking just to please online visitors with a short attention span.